Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Busy Day at the Archives (Dalton, Georgia)

Today was a busy day at the archives (Crown Gardens and Archives, Dalton, Georgia). We had several visitors who came to do research, and a dozen phone calls. It never fails to amaze me that all visitors and phone calls seem to come at once... it goes from solitude to chaos all at once. My first few days were wonderfully quiet. I got quite a bit done... a little research, typing up some articles, putting up a new display of old buttons. I even managed a sketch of the little girl in the atrium (she's a little statue, topping a birdbath).

The atrium is my favorite part of the archives, I think. It's a secret little courtyard in the middle of the building. One could only access it by climbing out a window ~ it's just there to provide visual delight, and as a haven for birds, though I have yet to see any there, thanks to the drought. It is somewhat neglected and could stand some TLC in the way of repairs and beautification ~ as could the whole building.

The archives has been really busy these last few days, so I accomplish less in the way of little projects that I had planned. I believe I have been initiated!

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