Monday, June 11, 2007

More Wild Critters...

We had a treat yesterday: we took a short trip into town to grab some videos, and came back to find a couple of deer standing in the yard near the edge of the woods. One was a young buck. We stopped the car and watched them. They froze and watched us for quite awhile. Then another deer ran out of the woods. Then it stopped and looked back to see what the others were watching. It wasn't too alarmed, though ~ just wagged its tail and bounced over to the others. The other two continued to stand frozen, though, and when we finally moved, they all dashed back into the woods.

This was a double treat, because we had followed a rabbit up the driveway, after having spooked him from the woods. It had been just about to cross the driveway. We saw his little friend, too. It was still sitting in the brush, wanting to follow the other one, but afraid to dash in front of the car. It just sat there, looking jittery and comical, as if to say, "Which way do I go, which way do I go?"

It's not uncommon to see rabbits, squirrels, hawks, and other critters. There was a time when we saw wild animals nearly every day out near the driveway, and some up near the back woods. They became a little scarce when a hawk took up residence in the woods. He was roosting near the driveway, and apparently found the little rabbits to be easy pickings.

Deer are a little more rare, but lately they seem to have become quite easy about walking up into the yard at twilight. These three were a little early ~ it was still broad daylight. We enjoyed looking at them.

I'm afraid the black bears may begin to feel at home here, too. We're still a little nervous after the one last Sunday. This year may be a bad one for hungry animals, including bears. The drought has dried up the creek. The April freeze killed any hope of figs, and probably of hickory nuts, too. I'm told that there will be no acorns. Blackberry bushes abound, but I'm told they need lots of rain. If drought conditions persist, there will be no blackberries. I'm not sure about crabapples. The deer always love those.

That's the news from Muskrat Creek. What a lot of wild critters we've seen!

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susan said...

Hi neighbor!

We have bears quite often in Gilmer County, they like cat food and bird feeders!

Great blog!