Saturday, June 30, 2007

Presidential Seal in Carpet

Ya can't get away from carpet! Then again, why would you want to? On a trip to Plains, Georgia, the women at the welcome center showed us the Presidential Seal, made of carpet. They were proud that it had actually hung in the oval office during Jimmy Carter's administration, so that it was seen in each presidential address. They mentioned that the carpet was made by a mill in or near Dalton, Georgia (I believe it may have been Calhoun or White, but I've forgotten the plant name). They said they would really like to have a duplicate one made, but didn't know if the mill was still in business.

Most of the smaller mills are either out of business or are now owned by one of the larger mills, Shaw, Mohawk or Beaulieu.

A bit of trivia, I suppose, but interesting to those of us in the Carpet Capital of the World...

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