Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Art Shows have been disappointing...

Art shows in Dalton, Georgia, were disappointing this year. The Creative Arts Guild Festival 2007 had quite a few jewelers (handmade artisan jewelry). There were few painters and only a couple of sculptors and potters.

The decline might be natural, since jewelry probably sells better than the other arts and crafts in North Georgia. I doubt if many people have the budget or taste for fine arts.

The Patrons Purchase and Exhibition (indoor component of the Creative Arts Guild Festival) was a great disappointment. It's usually a very good show, packed with excellent pieces, of reasonably good quality for a small city. This year, it was dull. It reminded me of an amateur show. There were only a handful of paintings worth looking at, and those took the awards. (Usually, there are many good pieces, and only a few awards ~ so it would be a hard show to judge! Not this year, though.)

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