Thursday, November 15, 2007

Perdue's Rain

We got our rain! Yesterday was so dry, our grandfather cactus picked up a suitcase and headed for Arizona, looking for water. He was plumb parched. Said he hadn't seen a drought like that since he shaved his first peach fuzz. Tuesday, Governor Sonny Perdue prayed for rain, and last night we got a deluge that filled our hearts and our rain barrel. Now, I haven't seen an ark floating down Muskrat Creek, but at least the crawdads aren't begging for sarsaparilla. Can't say for sure that Perdue's prayer brought us rain, but we're willing to thank Sonny Perdue along with the Almighty. Lots of Georgians have said prayers about rain lately. Rainy days are welcome in our neck of the woods.


Susan said...

Didn't it sound good hitting the roof last night! Whatever the reason, it was sure welcome. Now for the cold weather to return, stay warm!

Southern Muse said...

And what a roof! We've got one of those new vinyl ones... I was lulled to sleep by the pleasant sound of rain, leaves, and falling hickory nuts. Is that bluegrass I'm hearing?

ET said...