Friday, April 18, 2008

Booth Western Art Museum

Cartersville, Georgia: Our day trip got sidetracked, but we enjoyed the day after all. Our first stop, a museum, was closed. We decided to try the Booth Western Art Museum, and it was a very nice visit. The Booth has a large collection of original oil paintings of Civil War scenes. They are professionally executed and highly illustrative. Plaques give a brief history of each battle. Civil War buffs should enjoy this exhibit. One gallery features posters for western movies. For some, the original gouache cover illustrations hung alongside the paperback books that featured the art. One room has a stagecoach. Another gallery features the presidential collection: Reproductions of American presidents hang over original letters and brief biographies of each featured president: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and many others; and modern presidents (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Bush). Some letters are of more importance than others, but it is a large, nice collection ~ sure to please the history buff.

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