Thursday, May 22, 2008

World of Coca-Cola

This was my first visit to World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun. We got to see all these wonderful antique Coca-Cola signs and old Coke machines. It brought back memories of those ice-cold Cokes that we used to buy at the old general store. (For years, we always bought the bottles, even after cans became available.) Those old metal coolers kept the Cokes so cold, there were little flecks of ice floating in the drink! Granddaddy used to bring an old battered, metal Coca-Cola cooler to the family get-togethers. It was always filled with Coca Colas ~ the little 8-ounce bottles. It seemed to hold a hundred of them, but that's just my imagination, I guess.

We loved the "4D" animated show so much that we watched it twice! (The 4th dimension is wind, water, and movement. You really feel the show! We got to watch Coca-Cola being bottled. After that, we got to taste so many different flavors of international Coca-Cola drinks that we almost had to be carted out in wheelbarrows!

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