Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Little Christmas Tree

We have a tiny Christmas tree. No, it's not a Charlie Brown Christmas tree by any means. It's a cheesy little artificial fiber-optics tree. But it suits us just fine. It has its own special quality.

When we were young, Daddy would go up into the mountains and chop down a real pine or spruce. He would come dragging it back to the house and find it too tall. Even after lopping off a good three feet it was a tight squeeze. Once inside, it was magnificent. We would string popcorn ~ a slow go until we discovered the cat was eating the corn we strung. There were blown-glass shapes, balls covered with satin thread, and silly little kid-cut-out ornaments. And the lights! Big ones of blue, red, yellow and green. The trouble Daddy had stringing the Christmas lights! And if one bulb was out, the whole string went dead. We had to try every light to find the dud.

We went to artificial trees a long time ago. Even then, we stuck to a big tree, but finally traded down to the little tree. By then, Daddy had long since lost his strength. He stayed in bed most of the time. One night, we found him looking at the little fiber-optics tree like a little child, full of wonder. Every so often, he would come back to marvel at it again. Think of all those years, of untangling wires and checking each bulb! There really is a little magic in our little tree...

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