Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tales from Persiphonia

Playing around on Facebook has gotten to be part of my daily routine. My first love and addiction was making Flair. I was a Flair-making machine there, for a few weeks. Now I've discovered games. One of my co-workers got me hooked on Robin Hood. I played it incessantly for days, barely stopping for sleep. (They attack while you sleep! And ya gotta sleep sometime...)

Quite a few other games followed. Other game junkies see that game status and pounce, like pushers, on fresh meat. Their thinking? If she's in Robin Hood, she might join my mafia! pirate crew! my zoo! metropolis!

Metropolis has turned out to be a rather stressful game. You fill your city with people, then try to keep them happy. But it's hard to keep those ungrateful brats happy. They want houses! They want healthcare! They want low taxes! And you can't earn revenue without growth. Metropolis suggests that people connect cities to help them grow, so I obliged. My little city, Graytower, is starting to grow. But along with growth comes unhappy citizens. How's a mayor to manage? My zoo is so much less stressful. The llamas just stand around and chew their cud.

It was while looking for connections for Graytower that I ran across this delightful blog, Tales from Persiphonia. Now, here's a mayor with a sense of humor! She takes her city seriously. The residents there are real. Tales of Persiphonia is a fun, rather zany read. I knew right away that this mayor was a contender. Just take a look at her motto: Normalus Izzo Overraticus. I must've been born there!

Tales from Persiphonia

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