Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Shower Cookies

These baby shower cookies are quick and easy. Southern MuseTM is not the real Martha Stewart type ~ we're more, I'd say, like the Erma Bombeck type. If a cake that is baked by us doesn't explode or fall, then it will be burned. Still, we've managed to come up with a really cute idea for baby-shower cookies. We're so proud of it, we plan to submit it to Martha Stewart. If you really are the Martha Stewart type, you can go the extra mile and make homemade sugar cookies to use as the base for these baby-shower cookies. Otherwise, just use with store-bought cookies, as we did. We used Keebler Fudge Shoppe® Half-Dipped Grahams as the base. They are plain on one side and chocolate-fudge dipped on the other. Add a squirt or dollop of pink, blue, or white cake icing on either side, then top it with plain or chocolate Nabisco® Teddy Grahams. Press just hard enough to spread the icing out slightly so that it looks like a blanket surrounding the teddy bear cookie. For our girl-baby shower, we used pink icing and white icing. We used a ready-to-squeeze tube of icing with a star tip. Starting in the middle, we squeezed a figure-eight onto the cookie, then pressed the Teddy Graham cookie on top. On others, we used the leaf-tip, allowing the icing to overlap in scrolls, like blankets. (Switching tips from time-to-time will give you a mixed-pink-and-white blend of icing.) We also tried this on plain round sugar cookies, which looked just as cute. The cookies also work as birthday-party cookies, and you can use any color of icing.

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