Monday, August 3, 2009

Southern Muse's Sweet Rose Punch

We made this sweet punch for a wedding, and have now been volunteered as the official server of punch at our baby showers and parties.

Southern Muse's Sweet Rose Punch:

One Family-sized tea bag, steeped in 3 cups boiling water
One cup of sugar
One quart of black-cherry juice
(or) generous pinch of black-cherry Kool-Aid® (abt. 3/4 tsp.)
One whole bottle of imitation almond extract*
1/4 cup vanilla extract
Capful of mint extract (abt. 1 tsp.)
One large can (46 oz.) pineapple juice, well chilled
Red food coloring (optional)
One container of pineapple sherbet (keep frozen till ready to serve)
Two liters of ginger ale, well chilled
Chopped pineapple and/or maraschino cherries, optional

Mix sugar into tea while still hot. Add cherry juice (or pinch of Kool-Aid®), stirring well. Add extracts. Pour in chilled pineapple juice, stirring well. Add red food coloring until mixture is a deep rose pink. Set aside in large container. Just before serving, place pineapple sherbet in large punch bowl. (Add chopped pineapple and cherries, optional.) Pour punch mixture over sherbet, until bowl is about half full. Fill the rest of the way with ginger ale, pouring over the sherbet to make it foam. As punch is served, occasionally add more of the punch mixture and ginger ale, about half and half.

*If using pure almond extract, make sure your guests are not allergic to nuts!

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