Monday, August 15, 2011

Admiring the Photos of Danny Young

Southern Muse is admiring the photos of Danny Young. I was looking for information on the blue heron (bird) when I ran across this website and was very admiring of the photos there: Young Photography , featuring the photography of Danny Young. He has some spectacular shots of birds. The pileated woodpecker in flight was the image that came up in search. I was wowed. That had to be hard to get. Quite often, I see a huge pileated woodpecker in the woods outside my home, and sometimes see one at Cohutta Springs. It takes my breath every time I see it. I recently did a little watercolor of a pileated woodpecker in a berry tree, inspired by the one I see at Cohutta Springs. Thanks, Mr. Young. I love being surprised by finding some unexpected great site when I'm not looking for one. I'll add this one to the Southern Muse directory as soon as I get a chance.

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