Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Southern Muse 2012

Southern Muse, in 2012, comes to this, my sadly neglected blog, to say again, "Happy New Year," now that the party is over. Our family celebrated Christmas together, as families tend to do, and then rang in the New Year in a much smaller way. At Christmas, the house was full, if only for a moment, as sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews came to share their company with us. And though our huge, old Southern clan has grown smaller, several new little beings came to dust off the cobwebs of it and add their joyous imprint on our lives. Babies, babies, babies! That humongous, rowdy old Southern clan of mine is no longer recognizable as such. But, having watched Appalachia vanish, I can say that it would have done their hearts good to see the new life that has sprouted from those old roots...

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