Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wilfrey Jake Green of Murray County, Georgia

Wilfrey Jake Green of Murray County, Georgia, is one of the myriad number of descendants of old Jacob and Polly (Rice) Headrick (formerly of Blount County, Tennessee, but moved early on to Murray County, Georgia). Wilfrey Green bought some property in Murray County, from Lazarus Poteet. I have published a digital image of the deed on my Southern Muse website.  Wilfrey Green is of the John Headrick line. My bunch of Headricks is from William and Mary (Emert) Headrick of Murray County. Here's one of their descendants, my great-aunt, Ina Pearl (Headrick) Patty, originally of Murray County, Georgia. She later lived in Ringgold, Georgia, and finally died in Dublin, Georgia:

Biography of Ina Pearl (Headrick) Patty, a daughter of W.A.L. and Anna (Dunn) Headrick, of Murray County, Georgia.

Previously, I published some documents on Ina, her parents and siblings, and some of her aunts and uncles. I'm not sure if I blogged that page, so here are the Headrick Documents

I've uploaded a brief PDF file of some of the earlier descendants of Jacob and Polly (Rice) Headrick. I did not include source notes, as those notes contain some private information.

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The parent page for all of these pages is: Headrick Directory by Southern Muse

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