Monday, April 9, 2012

Genealogy: Ann Headrick Crowson

For genealogy: the Ann Headrick Crowson file has been updated: ANN HEADRICK CROWSON REPORT  (PDF). Links lead to my Southern Muse website, where my genealogy pages exist.

Previously, I had estimated Ann's date of death as being between 1857 and 1866 (because of the fact that her husband, Jeremiah Headrick, signed for inherited land in her place). However, the 1870 census shows that Jeremiah and Ann Crowson were still living in Murray County, Georgia, in 1870. The 1866 deed was actually recorded in 1870, so the signatures might have happened then, instead of earlier when the land was actually divided. Also, the 1870 property laws of Georgia are not familiar to me. Researching those laws might provide clues for anyone searching for a death date for Ann (Headrick) Crowson. Any information as to the location of the graves of Jeremiah and Ann (Headrick) Crowson would be appreciated. Have we just overlooked them? Some of their descendants moved to Multnomah, Oregon, and appear in census there.

Disclaimer: Southern Muse genealogy files are always a work in progress. They are being shared in the spirit of cooperation, for those who have asked for help. Those demanding error-free files should not use them. Thanks!

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