Saturday, February 21, 2015

Self-Published Books by Southern Authors (Some Friends of Mine)

I so rarely post on this, my Southern Muse Journal... I had meant for the blog to be an extension of my website, Southern Muse. Why haven't I added to it? It's complicated. Sometimes I think it's because my southern stories are so personal to me, I shy away from sharing them with the world. 

Anyway... I dropped by today to plug some books of some friends of mine. No, I'm not being mercenary. It just happened to be on my mind. I'm writing a Civil War book myself (about some things that happened in Murray County, Georgia, during the war). My draft is finally in pretty good shape. I'm working on it daily now, and have sent a couple of them out for people to proof.

I called a friend to ask her about her personal experience with self publishing ~ whether there were any scary hidden expenses, and things like that. After talking to her, I felt really good. I decided to add a link from SMJ to her book and some others I've read.

So, here are some of the books written by my friends and relatives. I can recommend all of them, but for different readers, depending on tastes: Two are autobiographical poetry books (DeLoach and Bouladian); one is an artist's book on fabrics (Sibley); Two are books on history ~ two different wars: (Carter and Carter); and the other is a heartwarming true story about love and loss in wartime (King). I haven't yet read Juli's book, but I know her background ~ I can't wait to get hold of the book. I haven't yet finished Carter's book on LCTs, but am enjoying what I've read, so far.

Here are the books (with links to Amazon, where I usually buy): 

Juli Sibley - Earth Friendly Fabric:
Of Young Harris, Georgia; artist, educator.

Philip DeLoach - My World As I See It:
Of Mount Airy, North Carolina; formerly of Georgia. Poet, artist, dreamer, friend... 

Deborah King - Somewhere in Germany:
Of Dalton, Georgia; niece of a soldier.

Elizabeth Bouladian - Pages from the Heart:
Poet, family near Chattanooga; originally from Lebanon.

Thomas Carter - Beachhead Normandy: An LCT's Odyssey:
Formerly of Crandall, near Chatsworth, Georgia; son of a Navy man who was on an LCT (landing craft).

Robert L. Carter  - Longstreet's Breakthrough at Chickamauga:
Formerly of Chatsworth, Georgia. Volunteers at Chickamauga National Military Park.

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