Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Heart, Hands, and Healing Art Workshop in Blue Ridge and Chatsworth, Georgia

Feeling God's Love ~ Vicki Wagoner, The Practical Intuitive

Vicki Wagoner, "The Practical Intuitive," presents her nationally recognized Heart, Hands, and Healing Art (a workshop for therapy and personal expression), on Saturday, March 26 at 10 a.m. to noon at the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association (The Art Center), located at 420 W. Main Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia.

After having a profound experience while participating at an art workshop, hypnotherapist and artist, Vicki Wagoner, was inspired to create her own art program Heart, Hands, and Healing Art, as a life-transforming experience in creativity. Her technique encourages creative and personal expression through a process of painting with the hands – no brushes, rules, or artistic abilities required. The painting creates itself. Each participant starts with the same blank canvas, and when the session is over, Vicki assists them in discovering the epiphanies of new perspectives, possibilities, and insight that have been subconsciously created during the painting process. Group participation is welcome and encouraged. The workshop is open to people of all ages. The artist suggests wearing old clothes to allow for full self expression.

Wagoner's workshop has been featured on the Telly award-winning, national cable TV show, Art of Living. Wagoner, an expressionist artist, has given workshops in Georgia, New York, Alaska, Florida, and Tennessee. Her workshop has been featured as part of a hospital drug and alcohol abuse program, in spiritual healing sessions for abused and traumatized women and children, and in corporate creativity seminars.

Vicki Wagoner is from Blue Ridge, Georgia. Her Facebook Fan page is: https://www.facebook.com/Vicki-Wagoner-The-Practical-Intuitive-161154893949429/ .

There was also to be a Heart, Hands, and Healing Art in Chatsworth, Georgia, on April 3. That event has been postponed. Please see the artist's Facebook Fan page (above) and check with the artist for details of her next workshop.

Forging Ahead ~ Vicki Wagoner, The Practical Intuitive

Blue Ridge Mountains Art Association, Blue Ridge, Georgia:

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