Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thoughts on the Black Bear that Came to Visit...

I wasn't scared of the bear Sunday. Then, the visit was just a bizarre and exciting occurrence, a startling appearance at the window of a big, old giant teddy bear. I was secure within my home, and even those big bear claws on the window panes seemed only a novelty. I felt privileged at having witnessed it, at being honored by his visit.

Today, I have to report that a newfound fear of the black bear has crept into my consciousness. Once again, as happened at the time we found the giant claw-print, I have begun to feel... not so safe. I dread his possible return. A waving hill of tall, creamy, plush grass on the roadside reminds me of the bear's fur ~ not in color, but in its thick furriness. Will I meet the bear as I dash out to my car in the morning, forgetting to look? Will he poke his head around the corner as I take too long to unlock the door, carrying in plates of take-out?

It is disconcerting to learn that, while black bears are usually not considered to be aggressive, they are predatory. A grizzly attacks defensively, because he feels threatened. A black bear attacks because he is hungry. It will not do to lie down and play dead when a black bear attacks. You don't want to look too much like the main course!


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