Friday, March 14, 2008

Google Image Labeller

I am addicted to Google Image Labeler. The game has changed my thought patterns. Now as I drive by a building, I think, "Building! Brick! Brick house! Pink!" I practically salivate with excitement before I realize: no points... It's Pavlov's dog all over again. In that respect, Google's image labeling experiment is like any other game. Back in the day, I remember stacking Dr. Mario's colored capsules in my sleep--or at least as I was dropping off to sleep (just like counting sheep). I moved my toes to the music. Tetris had a similar effect.

If you have never heard of the Google Image Labeler, it's a game that helps Google identify images to improve image search results. Players are paired anonymously and have about two minutes to toss descriptive words at each other in an attempt to get an exact match and earn points. It's fun for gamesters, word buffs, and brainiacs. It helps to be a fast typist and a good speller, but be forewarned: it is addictive. Also, on occasion, the images are unsavory and even explicit. Whether this is normal random display or a case of hacking is anybody's guess.

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Susan said...

Uh-oh this sounds like too much fun, a real detriment to work...

I will check it out, thanks!