Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Old Rock Building Burned

Painting of the Old Rock Building

(Chatsworth, Georgia): The Old Rock Building burned today. I feel as if I've lost an old friend. The old high school has stood since 1934 ~ such a beautiful old building! It was on the National Register of Historic Places. I have a weakness for buildings constructed of stone ~ especially the old thick-hewn mountain stone. The rock building had that lovely old native-stone construction. I loved the old facade, too. The mission style gave it such character.

Not long ago, we were raising the money to have it renovated so that it could be used as the central offices for Murray County schools. It was starting to look good after all the work that had been done on the exterior. Now it is in ruins. I had hoped that the story was untrue, or that the fire was minor; but I've just seen a picture of it. The fire was devastating ~ The stone outer walls are about the only thing left of the building.

I haven't been over to see the ruins of the building. Ironically, I was too busy escaping the flash floods that covered Murray County and all of North Georgia today...

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Sarah said...

I went to that as a 9th grade academy last year; I'm just glad no one was in it. .-.