Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Bear Came Back

The bear came back! This time, I heard a noise and looked to see him standing, looking through the window of the door. I started to beat a hasty retreat in case the latch gave way, but he got down and started to walk away. I ran and dead-bolted the door, then grabbed my camera. I got in a quick shot from the kitchen (blurred by the curtain and reflected glass), but you can see the pads on the bottom of his feet. Then I ran to a bedroom and captured a snapshot of him looking into my car. My view was blocked by lots of vines, but you can just see his shape, standing tall, head stretched toward the Tracker ~ a big, black bear shape, not unlike a giant teddy bear. Finally, he walked off to the woods, where he stopped to maul a small tree, hoping for fruit. There is none (we had a late freeze, and there has been drought). I snapped one more shot, though it's so far away, he's pretty blurry. My heart was racing. It was scary to know that if the door hadn't been latched, or if he'd brushed the knob just right, he would have been inside the house...



North Georgia is full of surprises!


ET said...

I would be shaking too. That is something! Shaking or not, you got some great pictures of it on the prowl.

susan said...

I guess you can't leave your doors open anymore, even if you live in the woods! My neighbor had a bear visit her kitchen (she had left the door cracked for the cats...) Be careful! Oh, by the way, love your autumn picture, you are very talented!

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