Thursday, June 7, 2007

Historic Preservation in Dalton, Georgia

Dalton, Georgia: Quick update from the archives... Crown Gardens and Archives was closed for about two hours today to allow Whitfield-Murray Historical Society to set up a table at a local Historic Preservation event that took place at Dalton Green (park). The importance of historic preservation was discussed. Dalton has a large area of Civil War battlements that still exist, including Rocky Face Ridge, a large tract of which has been purchased and is now out of danger of development. There was a nice lunch and had some great entertainment (some funny imitations of the Blues Brothers and a great Patsy Cline act)!

Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation
North Georgia Regional Development Center
City of Dalton
Whitfield-Murray Historical Society
Mary Jane Mohr (local author)
(Other groups and participants/complete list not available).

The remainder of the day at the archives was pretty busy, with a couple of researchers and several calls. A woman brought by a beautiful old chenille spread to show us. It is supposed to be one of the Gone-With-The-Wind spreads. It is not known whether the spread was actually used in the movie, or was sold as a souvenir around the time that the movie was released. The spread was gorgeous, as chenille bedspreads go, with a lovely basket-and-vine design. More research would have to be done to find the origin of the spread, and the owner is going to continue to research it. The archives does own one of the actual spreads used in the movie, Gone With the Wind. (Dalton is in North Georgia.)


Southern Muse said...

More on this event:

Event Name: Historic Harmony Brown Bag Lunch/Concert

Location: Dalton Green, on Selvidge Street (between the courthouse and Krystal), Dalton, Georgia.

Award Presentation: The City of Dalton Historic Preservation Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Bob Shaw by the Dalton Historic Preservation Commission, for restoration of the old Dalton City Hall building (built in 1936), which is now used as an office building. The award was accepted by Jeff Fowler, a Shaw employee.

Event Sponsors: Dalton City Council and the Historic Preservation Commission.

Chairman of the Historic Perservation Commission: Carolyn Roan.

Entertainment: Sounds Familiar (Blues Brothers Impersonators).

Note: I still don't know the name of the Patsy Cline impersonator, but she was fantastic. She was introduced as one of the best Patsy Clines in the Southeast, and I believe it!

Lunch Vendor: Let’s Eat In of Dalton, Georgia.
Partial extract of details from The Daily Citizen news article by Erik Green (08 June 2007).

susan said...

On historic Dalton - my husband (construction supt) is going to be working on a historic building in Dalton, new home of Covenant Bank branch. Right now he is building the main office in Rock Spring GA.